Space & Objects

We work with interior spaces and objects, our goal is to find meaningful design solutions and realize ambitious customer ideas. In our projects we combine various creative disciplines and strive for a high quality, innovative and aesthetic solution.

The process always raises the question of how well the environment and the object are being created to meet people’s lifestyles and habits. We are investigating and deepen the essence of each project and seek meaningful transformation of space and objects.

Concept design

The project starts with an idea. We add the customer's needs to our concept and we are looking for a best version of its authenticity and meaningfulness. We design 3D models and visualizations.

Technical Project

We strive for accuracy and communicate in the language of drawings. Our studio provide the technical project documentation required for implementation.

Project Supervision

The goal is flawless realization. In the construction process, we coordinate the project stages with each department. The project needs to get it right, so we care about that.

“There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen
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